By: Alexis AAJ2


1. Use an appropriate source to research your state.
  • You may use a book, but be sure the information is current.
  • You may also use one of the databases from the Media Center website. Favorites for states are:
    • Culture Grams
      • At school on a Dell computer: click on the link under Countries & Maps
      • From home, a personal computer, or a school Macbook: access the site through http://mel.org and click on MeL Databases
    • United States Digital Database from ABDO
      • Use the username and password from your teacher (it's also in your email)
    • World Book Encyclopedia
      • At school on a Dell computer: click on the link under Encyclopedias and General Refernence that says "From School Computer"
      • From home, a personal computer, or a school Macbook: click on the link that says "From Personal Computer" and use the password from your teacher (it's also in your email)

2. Use words, pictures, maps, etc. to fill in your notes for the topics below.
  • You do not need to use complete sentences.
  • Be careful NOT to plagiarize. Use your own words!
  • After each note, cite where you got the information in parentheses, like this: (Culture Grams) or (AB DO).


Major Cities: Jackson

Land Forms: Summers are very hot and humid.

Bodies of Water: Atlantic Ocean.

Population:2,951,996 people in Mississippi.

People usually live in cities. This state is the 31st most popular state. Is it one of the least populated states in the country?:No it is not

Weather/Climate: Summers are very hot and humid in Mississippi.

Land size (area): Mississippi is the 32nd biggest state in the Untied States

Region:Mississippi is located along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the southern United States.

Mississippi map
Mississippi map


When did it become a state? in the middle of the 1500s

5 interesting dates (timeline): European explores can to Mississippi in the middle 1500s. Hernando de Soto of Spain passes through in 1540 in search of treasures and did not find any. France claimed Mississippi for itself in the 1680s. France went to war with Great Britain and lost Mississippi in 1763. Mississippi's economy depended depended on slavery that the state went to war in 1861 to keep it. The United States get rid of slavery. But Mississippi and 10 other Southern states refused to obey. The Southern states formed their own country. The called it the Confederate States of America.

Challenge -- add more to timeline.


Haley Barbour

Capital: Jackson

State abbreviation:MS


Natural Resources:
Mississippi has more than 11 million acres of farmland.

Manufactured Goods/Industries: ships and cars.

Fun Facts

The Magnolia State or The Hospitality

By Valor and Arms

State bird:
The Mockingbird
The Mockingbird

State tree:

State flower:Magnolia

State song:
“Go, Mississippi”

Places for visitors to see: Gulfport, Biloxi, Meridian, Greensleeves

List three or more things that make your state unique or special:The person who made the Muppet show was born in Mississippi. Mississippi is near the Mississippi river. Elvis Presley was born in Mississippi.

Ask an adult outside of school what he/she thinks of when they think about your state: Mississippi is awesome and has the best Mississippi river.

Insert any interesting photos here:
Mississippi State Flag
Mississippi State Flag

The Mochingbird
The Mochingbird

the state flower
the state flower

The state coin
The state coin

These are the books and databases that I used for my information:


2. culter gram

3.CIA World Factbook

4.Old Maps Online