By: Leo Adams November 2012

I was at my grandparents house to go fishing. I stomped down my foot into the lawn. As my foot soaked and absorbed with water I felt as if I slid through quick sand. My foot was pinned ground. As I managed to run to the pound my sister Audrey yelled “I just got a bit wait I got something.” As I ran more water got in my shoe and in my socks!!! “I’m coming” I said. The ripples on the water swung so fast toward the line and then to the and jiggle back down like jelly. As I ran, and ran I felt the water pull me away is if mom was tugging my shirt pulling me away from the Lego set I wanted. As I jumped over rocks my shoe felt like it imprisoning a bunch of rocks. As I jumped to the bridge I slid to my sister pulling the line out of the water. The most unexpected thing well happened. A round fish or some how different looking then the others. After all the cameras flashed we set him back.